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Save up to 40% on data infra costs and vendors at scaled marketplaces, e-commerce, and social media.


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Streamjoiner: Our Story

Operating a scaled online marketplace costs millions of dollars in data infrastructure costs. When growing fast, marketplaces used vendors and systems that were easy to launch and integrate, but were not necessarily efficient.

Now, cost reduction is critical. However, vendors have a strong lock-in, no single system can be optimized without optimizing all systems together, and existing engineering is fully occupied by keeping the existing system running without headcount to build a better replacement in parallel.

Streamjoiner is the unified solution for all data required to power metrics, machine learning, and ads at top marketplaces and social media. We rebuild and run your entire streaming data stack in parallel, and then you can migrate off your existing vendors or reduce usage to the most valuable integrations.

Promoted works because we specifically optimize the hard data problems unique to marketplaces, large e-commerce, social media, and ads, like search impression analytics, conversion attribution to listings, and real-time ML training and counter features.

Use a blend of our managed and your self-hosted solutions and save data into your own data warehouse or s3 buckets.

Our solutions are battle-tested, highly optimized, and follow best practices in modern data technology integration.

The results are:

Cost savings

Improved Customization

Increased reliability

Lower data
settlement latencies

About Streamjoiner

Streamjoiner was built by former Facebook, Google, and Pinterest ads engineers at to power our unified search and ads ranking for marketplaces product.

To make Promoted’s optimizations always outperform all in-house systems and vendors, we built a complete streaming data infra stack  in parallel to our customers’ existing data warehousing and analytics systems. To do this profitably, we learned how to be extremely efficient. Now, we pass the savings on to you.

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